Recent Projects


  • Equipment for supercritical CO2 for textile dyeing – lab and pilot facility
  • Technology Development for dyeing of yarn spools in supercritical CO2
  • Novel equipment for polymer related applications of supercritical CO2
  • Dyeing polyolefins in supercritical fluids
  • Design of large F2 production facility (750 MTPY) including all aspects of raw material specifications, storage systems, crude F2 production, F2 purification and F2 compression.
  • Design of world scale NF3 plant in South Korea producing 99.997% NF3. While many companies have struggled with NF3 plants, we were able to achieve product purity right at start-up.
  • Design of high purity F2 plant for use as chamber cleaning gas.
  • Development of stable aqueous solutions of chlorine dioxide
  • Design of process for producing stable chlorine dioxide solutions
  • Development of process for drying metal flakes with supercritical CO2. The flakes have novel applications.
  • Development of scCO2 based processes for textile scouring and dyeing
  • Supply of equipment for pressure reduction stage for F2 supply to system
  • Solve problem in plant manufacturing F2 surface treated HDPE barrier containers

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