Supercritical Fluids

We have a strategic partnership with Applied Separations Inc, Allentown, PA, a leading supplier of equipment and processes using supercritical fluids, especially SC-CO2, in the development of new applications for supercritical fluids. We have and are developing new and improved products for customers in areas such as:

  • De-agglomerated small- and nano-particles and flakes (e.g. metal and metal oxides) by removal of solvents with SC-CO2. These have industrial and defense related applications.
  • Removal of oils and waxes from textiles (e.g. scouring of nylon)
  • Dyeing/coloring of textiles and plastics in SC-CO2
  • Infusion of nano-particles into polymer composites for improved electrical, thermal and mechanical properties especially for use in aircraft.