F2 Production


HGI F2 production process electrolyzes conductive HF-KF melt in electrochemical cells. Our cell and plant layout modifications improve heat management and facilitate cell maintenance and handling. The F2 produced is purified to different grades depending on the F2 application. The F2 production rate can be from as small as 10 MTPY to > 1000 MTPY. We can produce three grades of F2 at different pressures and purities to meet your needs.


  • Commercial grade containing > 98% F2 for filling F2 gas cylinders; this gas may be used to make dilute blends e.g 1, 5, 10, 20% F2 in N2 for use in a variety of applications (e.g polymer surface treatment; synthesis of fluoro-chemicals by direct fluorination routes
  • High purity grade for supply to LCD production plants, thin-film photovoltaic plants manufacturing solar panels, and electronic fabs for chamber cleaning. F2 purity of > 99.9% can be achieved
  • F2 containing < 5 ppm CF4 for use in NF3 or other electronic fluorochemical production.

We also offer equipment and services related to:


  • Equipment for transfer of F2 from tube-trailers to your process
  • Process and equipment for compression of F2 to your desired application pressure
  • Process and equipment to make blends of F2 with inert gases
  • Design processes for direct reaction of F2 with a variety of materials such as polymers, tungsten to make WF6, sulfur to make SF6
  • Conduct safety audit at your F2 use facility
  • Design scrubbers to remove F2, HF and other contaminants from your product or waste stream
  • Remove contaminants such as OF2, O2F2 from F2 sources
  • Provide design and equipment for F2 liquefaction
  • Provide design and equipment for storing liquid F2
  • Filling F2 into cylinders or tube trailers

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