Chlorine Dioxide


We work closely with CDG Environmental, Bethlehem, PA in the development of new and improved processes for the production of chlorine dioxide gas and stable solutions of chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is used in bio-decontamination, bio-remediation, bleaching of pulp and paper, drinking water treatment, washing of fruits, vegetables and meats for neutralization of bacteria and other spores.


Halide Group Inc offers the portable device shown below for bio-decontamination of rooms and enclosures. The capabilities of the ClO2 generator are:



  • Generate ClO2 gas
  • Fill room/enclosure and circulate gas in the enclosure
  • Measure the concentration of ClO2 in the enclosure
  • Measure and control humidity in the enclosure
  • Scrub ClO2 at the end of decontamination cycle
  • Measure concentration of ClO2 in enclosure/room at end for safe re-entry into enclosure/room.


The device has been used successfully in bio-decontamination of rooms and bio-safety cabinets at NIH, Bethesda, Hershey Hospital, PA and at other test sites. 6-log reduction in the concentration of spores on test strips is readily achieved in 30 minutes as opposed to a 12-24 hour decontamination procedure with formaldehyde.

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